CCR Products, LLC was founded in 2003 to provide a responsive, quick turn-around, miniature precision ball manufacturer in the United States. The business was founded by a small, dedicated staff of knowledgeable ball veterans. Collectively, the team has over 150 years of ball making experience and has successfully established four other ball companies in the United States since the mid-1950's.
CCR Products is able to provide superior quality, miniature, precision balls with faster turn-around than its competitors. This ability is predicated on a clear understanding of ball manufacture with a new, efficient manufacturing facility and a range of specialized machinery. The company also warehouses significant inventory and raw materials for faster response to both large and small batch requirements.

Extensive experience permits management to reliably source materials from known sources around the world. This knowledge is essential when supplying imported products, because quality issues and long supply chains frequently cause significant challenges to ball users in both North America and Europe. The CCR Products management team has been working with its sources for over 25 years. Since CCR Products is also a manufacturer, the company can make the products to ensure delivery, if overseas products are delayed or quality is not to customer specifications.

Jim Augelli - CCR Sales Manager Jim Augelli, CCR Sales Manager, offers over 12 years of ball industry and an additional 25 years of general industrial sales experience. Mr. Augelli provides an in-depth knowledge of the precision and semi-precision ball business, with an emphasis on stainless steel balls and applications.

"Customers require quick reliable response when requesting information on a request to quote. Many companies say they offer high service, but we practice it everyday. When other companies are afraid to step up to help, CCR Products will do its best to provide the right solution in a timely manner for its customers."