CCR is equipped with specialty ball manufacturing and inspection equipment to supply both small load and high volume products. CCR specializes in creating step sizes products for better grade balls and is willing to work on a cost plus basis with customers that require minimal runs of special developmental application balls. Balls made from chrome, 440, carbon, ceramic and precious metals can all be made at CCR's facility in the United States. All materials can be provided with certificates showing the metals and grade of product produced.

CCR manufactures balls in sizes from 0.01 – 1 inch (0.3 – 25.4mm). With its focus on special application balls, CCR has developed efficient means to make precision balls for bearings, pump spray and the pen balls industries. No job is too small or too large for CCR to take on and is looking forward to working with new customers., CCR is able to provide solid balls in sizes up to 8 inches and hollow balls to 12 inches.

CCR produces its own products or imports products with advanced domestic inspection to supply our customers with multiple options on product range and price points. The company finishes balls from grade 2000, grade 200, grade 100, grade 50, grade 25, grade 10 and grade 5, to as precise as grade 3. CCR is one of the only companies able to finish soft stainless to grade 25. We are also willing to work on specialty products and applications with customers.