CCR Products' Pen Balls range in size from 0.4mm to 1.6mm in both Tungsten Carbide and Stainless Steel. All can meet Grade 10 tolerances. The tungsten carbide balls are used by the writing instrument industry in oil-based, water-based, gel-ink ball point pens and rolling ball pens. Stainless Steel 420 balls are used primarily for Oil Stick applications.

The Pen Ball industry requires a range of surface finishes to ensure that various specialty inks can properly adhere to the ball on the pens. CCR Products can produce finishes from extremely smooth to rough, depending on customers' finish requirements, which is a key reason pen ball companies prefer balls from CCR Products. As a result of high machine capacity and large inventories, CCR Products also delivers faster than any other pen ball manufacturer in the United States.

Surface Finish Examples: Smooth Surface 0.20 to 0.30 Ra UIN Rough Surface 0.90 to 1.40 Ra UIN

Tungsten Carbide
Material Analysis: High wear and shock resistance make tungsten carbide an excellent material for the ball point pen industry.
Chemical Composition (by weight): Tungsten Carbide 94.0% - Cobalt 6.0%
Mechanical Properties (by weight): Hardness (Rockwell "A") 90.5 - 91.5 - Density 15.0 gm/cc - Transverse Rupture Strength 320,000 psi